Service and Parts Information Management

Service and parts information are critical in ensuring the successful maintenance, service and operation of a product throughout its service lifecycle.

In many organisations, this information is created and managed by different niche solutions resulting in disconnected or outdated technical documentation processes and data repositories with static, document-centric content that can be error-prone, hard to find and hard to use.

This poses problems for service organisations both in terms of data dissemination and data sharing between departments and users, especially when ensuring proper change management.


CAD-IT takes a product-centric approach to service and parts information.

We integrate product and service data onto a service lifecycle management platform which enables access to service information that is up-to-date with product development, relevant to the user’s role and task-at-hand, easy to understand and use.

This integration ensures that documentation development facilitates faster time-to-market, reduced costs, improved efficiency and reusability, a better quality of data and responsive product changes.

End-to-end Solution

Our solution is able to create, manage and deliver high-quality service content.

  • Create and organise context-rich technical, parts and graphical information, allowing precise information delivery for the service task at hand
  • A single user interface allows better control over change and revision management and speeds up the processing of service information
  • Re-use of upstream engineering data such as Engineering or Manufacturing Bill of Materials (eBOM or mBOM) and CAD models drive technical authoring efficiency and change process, ensuring the trustworthiness of the end-user content
  • Robust part associativity enables users to track each individual item, their relevant functions, maintenance activities and lifetime usage
  • Increased service parts revenue from access to high quality, product-centric parts information

Service organisations

Service organisations can increase parts revenue and improve technician effectiveness.

Key Benefits: Improves service parts revenue, Improves technician effectiveness, Improves service and brand reputation

Comprehensive Capabilities

Create associative, structured and 3D illustrated content in a single environment:

  • Component-based authoring for service information (text, graphics and parts)
  • Associative Service Bill of Materials (sBOM) from eBOM/mBOM and 2D/3D illustrations from CAD

Manage context-based service and parts information and change processes:

  • Use a common product structure to organise content (parts data, text, graphics)
  • Manage information based on product hierarchy, product structure, information type, etc.
  • Associative change management process ensures information is up-to-date with engineering source data

Deliver configuration-specific information that is graphically supported:

  • Filter information based on the context required; get the right information for the right user for the right task at the right time
  • Deliver dynamic and interactive 3D information including parts lists

CAD-IT Facilitates

  • S1000D and DITA integration, including the adaptation of existing standards and content;
  • Software and process integration and software customisation for connectivity and interactivity between CAD-IT and/ or existing systems.

Case Studies

Global Healthcare Company Case Study
Streamlining the organization and management of service content.


Schneider Electric Case Study
Improving the product catalog to meet digital customer requirements.

Find out how you can better manage your service and parts information today!