CAD-IT IoT Centre

Founded in April 2017, CAD-IT IoT Centre is a certified PTC partner for ThingWorx in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. CAD-IT IoT Centre’s mission is to provide world-class solutions and services that enable companies to capitalize on the promise of the IoT today and drive the future of innovation to achieve greater product innovation, quality and productivity with drastically reduced time-to-market and costs.

What is IoT?

The phrase “Internet of Things” has arisen to reflect the growing number of smart, connected products and highlight the new opportunities they can represent. It is the expanded capabilities of smart, connected products and the data they generate that are ushering in a new era of competition.


Enhance Customer Engagement

Leverage data from connected products for improved service, support and usability that improve user experience

Optimise  Business Processes

Combine real-time data with existing systems to automate the process and optimize value chain in order to increase productivity

Differentiate Offering

Increase pace of product and service innovation which unlocks new business models to create competitive advantage

New Revenue Generation

Realize new value-adding opportunities, reducing time to market and increase return on investments with better efficiency

Our Capabilities

Intelligent Monitoring

We perform Intelligent monitoring by gathering and performing analysis of information generated from the equipment to generate useful information hidden inside complex patterns in the data

Failure Prediction

We perform failure prediction which helps determine in advance the type of failure thus helping in anticipating failures and taking preemptive actions

Predictive Maintenance

We perform predictive maintenance which helps to keep costs low by reducing the frequency of maintenance tasks, reducing unplanned breakdowns, and eliminating unnecessary preventive maintenance

Artificial Intelligence

We built custom AI solutions based on client requirements using a variety of complex algorithms including but not limited to SVM, Deep learning, Neural networks and genetic algorithms to provide solutions for all clients needs

Image Analytics

We support image data as inputs for our deep learning models, for automatic algorithmic extraction and logical analysis of information found in image data using digital image processing techniques

Control System

We help integrate client’s existing control systems with our  ThingWorx Platform, to ensure a smooth transition for our clients and reduce the time taken to deploy the solutions

Human Machine Interface

We design custom Human-machine interface (HMI) systems which provide a highly reliable system that delivers safe, cost-effective, consistent, and intuitive performance

Data Tapping

We support a variety of network mediums, telemetry configurations, robust security features, M2M linking between homogeneous and heterogeneous systems and 150+ drivers to support thousands of devices

Use Cases

CAD-IT IoT Centre operates in multiple verticles.

Our customer vertical includes, IoT in Aerospace, IoT in Automation, IoT in Defense, IoT in Environment, IoT in Healthcare, IoT in Infrastructure, IoT in Logistics, IoT in Manufacturing, IoT in Oil & Gas, IoT in Telecommunications, IoT in Automotive, IoT in Consumer Product, IoT in Electronics, IoT in Energy, IoT in Industrial Equipment, IoT in Locomotive,  IoT in Machinery, IoT in Marine & Offshore, IoT in Process Industry and IoT in Utilities.

Smart Factory

Smart Building

Smart Healthcare

Smart Traffic


Smart Product

Smart Home

Smart Metering

Fleet Management

Failure Prediction

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Energy

Smart Lighting

Connected Car

Predictive Maintenance

Smart City

Smart Water

Smart Parking

Asset Tracking

Pattern Learner

ThingWorx Suite

The ThingWorx platform is field-proven to accelerate industrial innovation – including the rapid development of industrial IoT applications, AR experiences and more.   It includes technologies and tools that enable the industrial enterprise to quickly and easily develop, deploy and extend IoT apps and game-changing AR experiences. ThingWorx offers the flexibility to be deployed in a variety of ways and is supported by a vibrant partner ecosystem. ThingWorx combines the different components of the ThingWorx such as Studio, Utilities, Analytics and Kepware to provide a seamless approach.

ThingWorx Connectivity

ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity is the industry’s leading connectivity platform, providing a single source of industrial automation data across applications

ThingWorx Foundation

ThingWorx Foundation is the end-to-end platform that is specifically designed to harvest the power of IoT

ThingWorx Analytics

ThingWorx Analytics uses modern analytical techniques and methods to uncover the true value of the data

ThingWorx Studio

ThingWorx Studio brings together the power of IoT and Augmented reality

ThingWorx Utilities

ThingWorx Utilities enables the users to monitor, manage and optimize the performance of their products

ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps

The ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps are easy-to-deploy, pre-configured role-based apps that enhance visibility, productivity, and performance across the factory

ThingWorx Developer Zone

Develop and create solutions for real-world problems or unleashing your creativity. Where ThingWorx developers, customers and partners work together

ThingWorx Marketplace

Single source for 3rd party IoT technologies, services and solutions built-on or specifically for the ThingWorx Platform

IoT Centre Team

Project Manager

AI Consultant

Transmission Engineer

AI Application Engineer

Solution Architect

Control System Engineer

Hardware Engineer

Security Consultant

Application Developer