ThingWorx Foundation

A ready-built IoT platform provides a seamless system integration between smart devices and intelligent monitoring where machine learning is employed for data analysis to harness the power of big industrial data.

  • ThingWorx Foundation connects to all ThingWorx components – ThingWorx Analytics, ThingWorx Utilities, ThingWorx Studio, and ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity
  • This powerful integration enables a simplified, seamless approach for developers to rapidly create comprehensive, feature-rich IoT solutions and deliver fast time-to-insight critical to the success of industrial IoT implementations
  • Also built with security in mind, ThingWorx Foundation leverages PKI infrastructure for certificate validation, and its granular security model enables data isolation and service execution


Application Enablement Platform

Design and runtime engine for IoT applications that enables the rapid creation of applications that leverage real-time, bi-directional connectivity to “things” as needed

Connection Services

ThingWorx Foundation connection services, software agents, and toolkits are available to establish connectivity between devices or assets and ThingWorx Foundation via the communication method and hardware best suited for each scenario


ThingWorx SDKs and the Edge MicroServer provides a scalable, secure, and easily deployable communication technology to facilitate continuous bi-directional connectivity between sensors, devices, equipment, and the ThingWorx server

Application Enablement Platform

Thing Model

A digital entity that represents a physical asset, person, organizational element, or work process

Next Generation Composer

An integrated application modelling environment that uses modern browser concepts to improve developer efficiency, including an intuitive user interface and optimized workflows

Mashup Builder

A “drag and drop” solution that allows developers and business users to create interactive applications, dashboards, collaborative workspaces, and mobile interfaces without the need for coding

Integration capabilities

Connection to other systems enables developers to create more feature-rich solutions quickly and easily

Anomaly Detection

Configuration of anomaly alerts is accessible in Composer, simplifying the implementation of powerful analytics capabilities

Connection Services

Out-of-the-box connectivity

to industrial devices via ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity

Connection Servers: Support connectivity

to devices via several methods, including 3rd party device clouds, direct network connections, Open APIs

Device Cloud Adapters

Offer scalable, secure connectivity and native ThingWorx modelling for devices connected through device clouds, including Azure, AWS, and GE Predix – enabling enterprises to more fully maximize existing cloud investments

Integration Framework Connectors

Enable users to easily connect to external back-end systems, including ERP, CRM, and SCM and consume the data seamlessly in ThingWorx

Advanced Capabilities

More sophisticated tools are available, including secure, bi-directional file transfer, application tunnelling, and video streaming


Edge MicroServer

Prebuilt agent application that can “drop in and run” in a Windows or Linux environment, can run on a gateway, or be directly embedded into a device

Edge AlwaysOn SDK

Software libraries that allow users to create their own custom agent, available in several platforms and programming languages – Java, C, .NET, iOS, Android

Why Thingworx Foundation?

  • Model-driven rapid application design speeds time to market
  • The Thing Model abstracts the digital details and enables connection to all other ThingWorx modules for a seamless developer experience
  • Flexible connectivity options maximize market opportunity and minimize integration efforts
  • Live collaboration sessions enable more effective, context-aware communication among developers and analysts
  • The open platform empowers enterprises to maximize existing technology investments

Intelligent Monitoring

ThingWorx uses sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to tackle the specific challenges presented by industrial IoT data. Through automation, ThingWorx delivers reliable, actionable insights in real-time to applications. Insights, predictions and recommendations across enterprise functions with automated IoT data enhance decision-making.

Human Machine Interface

The Mashup Builder is the ThingWorx tool you use to create a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for your IoT Application. Using the mashup Builder, you can rapidly create and update a Mashup, which is a custom visualization built to display data from devices according to your application’s business and technical requirements. It ties in seamlessly with the data model created in the ThingWorx, allowing you to easily access the relevant elements of IoT data stored by the platform.