ThingWorx Utilities

ThingWorx Utilities is used to monitor, manage, and optimise the connected devices and processes on ThingWorx. It comes with workflow monitoring, asset manager, alert manager, product relationship manager that includes Salesforce plugin to track customers, and software content manager.


Allows you to create workflows

The ThingWorx Workflow Builder enables business administrators to quickly build an automated repeatable workflow. The workflow is initiated from an alert or event from a remotely connected thing. Once initiated, the workflow follows the defined route to completion. The next diagram shows a sample workflow.

Allows you to monitor the status of the running workflows

The ThingWorx Workflow Manager provides a means to monitor the state of the workflows and identify the completed steps, the active step, and the incomplete steps.

Allows you to create and track customers

The ThingWorx Product Relationship Manager captures information about customers, including the list of assets. ThingWorx Utilities includes a Salesforce plugin that allows you to import customer information from Salesforce into ThingWorx Utilities.

Allows you to monitor assets and their alerts

ThingWorx Asset Manager provides the ability to monitor assets and their alerts. The application provides built-in user management capabilities along with search.

Allows you to view, filter, and acknowledge alerts

The Alert Manager allows users to view, interact with, and manage alerts associated with their connected assets using a single interface. These capabilities enable application developers to easily embed alert management in their IoT solutions so that business users have the ability to manage alerts at scale.

Allows Edge Mircoserver to deploy packages to connected assets

The ThingWorx Software Content Management application provides tools that allow you to create, manage, test, and deploy packages. Using this application, you can create packages for immediate deployment or at a scheduled time in the future. You can also test packages and deployments before making them available in production. Package and deployment search and auditing tools are provided as well.


Improved user productivity, accelerating time-to-market

Increased application uptime, enhancing the user experience and reducing the number of service calls

Minimized user effort and administration

Reduction in time to issue resolution and service costs

ThingWorx Utilities Demo