Technical Support

CAD-IT strives to ensure that all our customers experience world-class services and support from our team of technical experts which includes application experts, doctorate and master holders.

Our customer care programme includes, but is not limited to, the following exclusive benefits:

  • Round-the-clock technical support, backboned by our team of technical experts through traditional channels (phone/fax /email) and onsite consultation, followed by secondary support through our global network of partners and principals.
  • A global call-tracking system that allows our team to support customers through our global knowledge base of product information.
  • Access to software release updates and support, featuring enhanced capabilities and new technology (software updates, patches, bug fixes, or new version releases).
  • Access to our principals’ customer portals (where applicable) for a comprehensive repository of support resources including searchable knowledge bases, software download centre, product updates, documentation, training materials, installation and licensing FAQs, and error reporting.
  • Priority access to technical support resources for customized workshops tailored exactly to meet your needs.
  • Priority registration and seat reservation to CAD-IT’s year-long schedule of complimentary workshops, seminars and  quarterly clinics.
  • Invitations and special pricing entitlements (where applicable) to user’s meetings, conferences, product launches, specialised and advanced training courses and others.
  • Complimentary administrative services, such as change of server machine and account names.
  • Annual Customer Audit Report on the usage of the purchased products and services and feedback channel for continued improvement.
  • Customised user’s meetings, in-house seminars and training courses at your doorstep where applicable.
  • Regular mailer updates, webinars and CAD-IT organised events, allowing you to keep abreast of the latest industrial and technological trends and product technologies.
  • Exclusive rates for specialised training for staff.