Thingworx Remote Service

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Costs with Remote Service

How often does your field service team travel to a customer’s site to repair a problem that could have been addressed remotely? Do they arrive with the information necessary to address the problem on the first visit?

Imagine a service organization where:

  • Some routine technician visits have been replaced by remote resolution
  • Software updates happen automatically without dispatching a service rep
  • Technician visits, when necessary, are far more efficient
  • Customer resolution and incident closure times are something to be proud of


Improvement on first time fix rate


Reduction in onsite service visits


Improvement in equipment uptime

*Metrics based on Axeda remote service case studies.

CAD-IT’s ThingWorx Remote Service

CAD-IT’s ThingWorx Remote Service enables your organization to monitor assets and capture critical alerts in real-time. Remotely access assets to further analyze and disposition alerts; update software and load diagnostic scripts with bi-directional file transfer.

Defining the Business Case for Remote Service

Discover how remote service has helped other organizations reduce costs, increase efficiency, and save time and money. 

Find out how you can improve your remote service today!