Favoured by 1.5 million users around the world, PTC Windchill enables companies to manage and optimize their product development and lifecycle processes. It is a system that bridges the digital world with the physical world. It has inbuilt capability that connects the products with the people involved in its lifecycle. Thus effectively closing the lifecycle loop with IoT data captured in real time during the use phase of products.

Solution Capabilities


Apps through which relevant product information can be accessed

Ability to customize for the results and accessing rights for each user in value chain

Improved search facilities with quick filtering  capability

Greater collaboration and connection with other systems through OSLC standards


Real time data capturing to close the IoT lifecycle loop.

Get real time feedback of the product performance and customer usage patterns.


Easily manage complete digital product definition with multidimensional Bill of Materials that extends back into requirements processes and out into service.


New deployment offerings that include SaaS and fully hosted PLM Cloud, and

Subscription model that can be scaled up or down as per program and project needs