ANSYS soars on the back of Internet-of-Things

KUALA LUMPUR: The advent of the age of the Internet-of-Things – where a myriad of products increasingly get connected to the Internet – is a boon for Ansys Inc, a US-based engineering simulation software developer. Based on the strength of Internet-of-Things and the company’s solid suite of simulation software that create virtual prototypes for users, Ansys vice-president of Asia Pacific Tom Kindermans said the financial markets have already described Ansys as being worth US$8 billion in market capitalisation on the back of 2013’s revenue of just under US$1 billion. “The financial markets believe strongly in the strength of our technology. And in the Internet-of-Things, Ansys is the absolute leader in antenna design (which help products/machines communicate).

“The Internet-of-things is a major trend and everything has chips and we are successful in chip-design with 95 per cent of semi-conductor companies globally using Ansys,” Kindermans said. He described Ansys as providing software that breathes life into design. “We make sure designs work. The move towards virtual prototyping is speeding up the business by a factor of two- or three times (2X or 3X) and this helps businesses maximise their window of product-to-market.”

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