Perplexus Creates 3D Models Faster, Simpler with SpaceClaim

When Michael McGinnis first created his puzzle maze game, Perplexus, he handcrafted each model piece by piece using plastics or wood. Each model took extensive hours to complete, and every edit was done individually, causing exaggerated production times and costly material waste. Dealing with multiple manufacuturers when creating 3D designs caused Michael extra time and money, and left him with frustratingly poor designs.

Implementing SpaceClaim into his design process has allowed Michael to confidently share design files with developers and manufacturers without worry of design flaws and repairs. The intuitive userface makes Michael’s design edits quick and easy, and has lead to more complex puzzle designs that were previously unobtainable. SpaceClaim also helped Michael streamline his 3D printing capability with easy to work with STL files.

Learn how Mike McGinnis saved enormous amounts of time and gained the ability to design more complex and higher-quality designs using SpaceClaim.

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