Service Parts Pricing

Turn Service Parts Pricing into a Competitive Advantage to Grow Market Share and Profit

With the constant threat of non-authorized parts, it is tough to maintain a competitive edge. Finding the optimal price point for every service part of a portfolio has never been more critical to profit margins and revenues.

Doing it, however, is a challenge.

Service organisations are faced with pricing high volumes of parts across the globe, inconsistent information about competitive prices, and uncertain demand due to competition and part lifecycles. Adding on the long and tedious price battles with competitors that usually leads to a lose-lose situation.

Unless they have a price management software solution designed for the unique complexities of pricing service parts.

Price Management as a Competitive Advantage

CAD-IT’s Service Parts Pricing (SPP) solution helps address the challenges of pricing in a post-sale environment by turning service parts pricing into a competitive advantage.

The solution gives organisations a single tool for:

  • Clear visibility
  • Precise control
  • Efficient management of new and existing parts pricing

It provides a pricing platform that considers all factors affecting global pricing strategies across a service part’s lifecycle that is auditable. SPP blends three advanced pricing approaches— price alignment, market-adaptive pricing, and price elasticity— to enable organisations to find the optimal price for each service part.

With our SPP solution, you not only realize untapped revenue and profit, but you also gain a competitive advantage for your service business.

Price Management Software: Features and Benefits

  • Allows for setting optimal prices and business rules
  • Rationalizes global service parts prices based on all the ways parts relate, given form, fit, function, grade, supersession, size and equipment
  • Manages global service parts pricing, including warranty pricing and good/better/best pricing alignment
  • Monitors and adjusts change throughout the lifecycle in response to market, competitors and customer sensitivity
  • Increases revenue through better price alignment and greater precision for price adjustments
  • Provides global pricing management to ensure consistent pricing and control cross-geographical pricing arbitrage

Maximize Revenue with Strategic Parts Pricing

“Service Parts Pricing is allowing us to automatically price the 80 percent of parts that produce 20 percent of revenue. That allows our pricing experts to focus their efforts on the 20 percent of parts that generate 80 percent of revenue.”

Andy West, Manager
Global Pricing Process & System Optimization at General Motors

Help your service supply chain boost your bottom line: Step one to achieving a best-in-class service parts management – knowing the critical success factors.

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