Connected Service Parts Management

Utilize Data from Connected Assets to More Accurately Forecast and Plan Service Parts Demand

How often do you try to determine the exact location of assets or the size of your install base? How much more accurate could your parts forecast be if you could take advantage of asset-specific performance data?

Traditional parts forecasting is typically been based on historical and aggregated failure and usage data.

What if you could:

  • Have an overview of all your assets, their location and their performance?
  • Ensure part availability long before the equipment shows signs of failure?
  • Do forecast and plan parts demand across a fleet or group of assets?
  • Use causal forecasting to improve asset uptime and performance?


CAD-IT’s Connected Service Parts Management (SPM) gives service organisations visibility into the connected install base, enabling them to track asset location and utilisation. Asset performance data is collected and organised to accurately predict spare part demand forecasts using install base and causal techniques.

CAD-IT’s Connected SPM leverages the power of IoT by combining information from connected devices in the field as well as other sources (e.g. engineering data) to feed causal values and product rollout information to the SPM software.

Learn how to leverage the power of IoT with service parts management today!