Connected Service

As assets are increasingly connected, embracing connected technologies and innovative approaches to service are key to growing manufacturing revenue streams while maintaining leading-edge customer service. IoT technologies are transforming how manufacturers service complex products. Service transformation, enabled by smart, connected technologies and innovative service approaches, is the key to generating unprecedented value for customers. While the benefits of IoT-enabled transformation are obvious, many organizations struggle to get started or progress past the proof-of-concept stage.


CAD-IT can help your organisation transform your service.

CAD-IT has solutions to help you face the following business challenges:

Connected Field Service

Optimise your field service and get the right technician, parts and knowledge to the right place seamlessly.

IoT Enabled Remote Service

Monitor assets remotely and receive critical alerts in real-time to quantify and prioritize current service requirements.

Connected Service Parts Management

Forecast and plan demand with increased visibility into asset data and perform better causal forecasting in real-time.

Ready to embrace service transformation?

Getting started doesn’t have to be daunting or difficult.

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