Augmented Reality

CAD-IT’s ThingWorx Studio is targeted for industrial enterprises and includes both the ThingWorx IoT Platform and Vuforia, the industry’s most advanced and widely adopted Augmented Reality platform across the globe. This opens up new ways to create, operate and service products in our smart, connected world.

AR for Industrial Applications

ThingWorx Studio enables content creators to create AR experiences easily and quickly within minutes and without needing prior expertise in Augmented Reality or deep programming. The easy integration of 3D CAD models, enterprise system data, textual instructions, animations and live sensor data, coupled with a simple drag and drop interface makes it easy to pick up.

Why Augmented Reality and IoT?

Visualize existing 3D data in the real world to enhance design reviews, expedite the learning process and improve safety.

Improve worker’s time-to-competency with visual step-by-step instructions and animated sequences.

Virtual user interface can be created that provide a real time view of data on your connected products.

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