Product and Asset Data Management

Having the right PDM platform provides organisations with a solid foundation to build and expand into a full Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform.

Product and asset data management (commonly referred to as PDM) is the concept of using software to manage all products and asset data electronically and process-related information on a centralised single platform. Our system provides a rich systematic approach for multiple teams across the organisation to create, manage and reuse product structures and access information such as CAD data, models, part/supplier data, manufacturing/service instructions, calculations and requirements, notes, images and documents, in order to support business-specific needs and improve productivity.

In PLM, PDM is the business function that is responsible for the management and publication of product data, workflow and process capabilities and product configuration management (Bill of Materials BOM).  All this is managed on a secure platform that allows for comprehensive and effective change management which is suitable for today’s complex manufacturing environment.


CAD-IT has a suite of PDM solutions that ensure the following business objectives are met:

Secure Data Management

Product and asset data information is captured and managed by the platform, delivering the right information to the right users based on the context required. User-defined roles manage security concerns such as file ownership, revision and version control, intellectual property (IP) rights and project-specific access.

Workflow and Process Enablement

Establish, manage and execute automated workflow-driven processes that can be accessed by product teams and even external partners. Maintain and adhere to company best-practices with regards to end-to-end automated change management (what-if analysis, change verification, communication and execution) which ensures all required approval has been received before prescribing the appropriate course of action.

Configuration Management

Manage and present the complete Bill of Materials (BOM) on a single platform while ensuring that all sources of BOM data are in-sync. Visualise the lifecycle phases of the product or asset – as-designed, as-planned, as-built and as-maintained – and compare any changes that have been made with the original BOM without needing a CAD authoring tool.


Project managers, engineers, salespeople, buyers, quality assurance teams, service and operation managers benefit from PDM

Benefits of PDM:

  • Track and manage all product changes, revisions and approvals
  • Locate context-appropriate data quickly and efficiently
  • Organize and visualize data and BOM effectively and reduce errors
  • Improve productivity and reduce cycle time by reusing information
  • Optimise operational resources and improve value chain orchestration
  • Meet stringent business and regulatory requirements
  • Facilitate global collaboration across different functional teams
  • Enhance business decision-making

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