IIoT-Ready Product Lifecycle Management

IIoT-Ready Product Lifecycle Management

Governments of industrialised nations are pushing their manufacturing capabilities to go digital in order to keep their economy competitive when resources are getting more scarce and expensive. In Europe, Germany’s “Industrie 4.0” is paving the way to smart manufacturing, while in Asia Pacific, China’s “Made in China 2025” initiative has lead to a digital tidal wave, with other countries such as Japan, South Korea and Singapore leading the way.

CAD-IT has a smart, enterprise-ready IIoT platform that is Connected, Complete and Flexible to help you transform your manufacturing capabilities:


  • Use apps to access relevant product information
  • Customise the results and accessing rights for each user in the value chain
  • Perform search with improved facilities and quick filtering capability
  • Collaborate and connect better with other systems through OSLC standards


  • Define and manage connections between system-level requirements and product design
  • Connect directly to product’s live operational data and capture real time data to close the IoT lifecycle loop.
  • Receive real time feedback of the product performance and customer usage patterns to detect failures faster


  • Improve root-cause analysis and corrective/preventive actions with more complete information
  • Easily manage complete digital product definition with multi-dimensional Bill of Materials (BOM) that extends back into requirements processes and out into service


  • Deploy on the cloud or implement SaaS
  • Scale up or down easily as per program and project needs

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