IHS Goldfire

Goldfire: Advanced Research, Problem Solving & Analytics

Accelerate productivity and innovation of your engineering team

What if you could give your engineers back 1/3 of their time – speeding research, problem solving and ideation?

The ability to optimize efficiencies and continuously fuel product pipelines with new and differentiated products is critical to an organization’s success.

IHS Goldfire is a powerful Engineering Excellence Platform that helps engineers and other technical professionals achieve sustainable productivity improvements, solve problems better and faster, and out-innovate competition.

IHS Goldfire empowers faster and more informed decision-making by improving knowledge discovery, accelerating problem solving and idea generation and delivering insights into the competitive landscape, emerging technologies and market needs.

  • Decrease product development cycle time
  • Increase the innovation pipeline
  • Accelerate market share and competitive position
  • Drive top-line margin expansion, and
  • Increase productivity gains

Deliver better products and projects, faster

IHS Goldfire’s advanced knowledge discovery tools and proven innovation tools and methods streamline research and accelerate innovation:


Access more than 115 million relevant engineering and technical reference documents including standards, patents, handbooks, journal articles and more.

Answers, not Search Results

Speed research with patented search technology that extracts answers from across enterprise and external data regardless of location, type or language and presents answers in a way that accelerates knowledge discovery.

Advanced Innovation Tools and Methods

Accelerate innovation with advanced problem solving and ideation tools such as Root Cause Analysis (RCA), FMEA, Value Engineering and TRIZ.


Maximize innovation and leverage broad experience in engineering, product development, materials science and systems deployments with IHS Goldfire innovation consulting.

IHS Goldfire Innovator

Today’s organization must operate more efficiently than ever before – continually reducing costs, utilizing assets optimally, increasing revenue, and reducing risk. This requires informed decision-making. As the volume of information available to technical professionals continues to grow, companies must find a way to turn vast stores of information into actionable knowledge.

IHS Goldfire Innovator provides a platform for retrieving relevant knowledge, solving problems and collaborating with others in order to make faster and more informed decisions.

Integrating world-class semantic technology, collaboration and problem-solving and idea generation capabilities, IHS Goldfire Innovator connects engineers, scientists and researchers to the information, insights and expertise needed to inform decision-making.

With IHS Goldfire Innovator, technical professionals can rapidly:

  • Pinpoint internal and external content and expertise
  • Find new markets
  • Uncover new technologies and trends
  • Better determine explicit expressions of consumer sentiment
  • Identify new partners
  • Glean insights from big data
  • Reveal new concepts for product and process development
  • Improve production and quality

More Information:  IHS Goldfire Innovator Brochure