Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

As more and more new technological advances are made every day, every organization’s engineering team has to meet the increasing challenge of optimising their research workflow in order to accelerate the pace of innovation and fuel product pipelines with new and differentiated products. Managing your knowledge base gets more crucial as workflows are streamlined in order to sustain productivity improvements, improve the rate of problem solving and out-innovate competition.

We can give your engineers back ⅓ of their time.

Range of Solutions

Goldfire Innovator

Goldfire Innovator is an integrated platform which combines world-class semantic technology, collaborative problem-solving and idea generation capabilities, connecting engineers, scientists and researchers to the information, insights and expertise needed to inform decision-making.

Engineering Workbench

Engineering Workbench  is a unified knowledge platform which provides a single point of access to critical information resources and tools to accelerate research and problem solving through analyzing and leveraging a one-stop knowledge base.