Explicit Dynamics

Explicit Dynamics

Structural Analysis

When simulating events involving short-duration, large-strain, large-deformation, fracture, complete material failure, or structural problems with complex contact interactions, there is an ANSYS explicit dynamics solution to meet your needs. Almost no application is too severe to be simulated with a high-quality software tool from ANSYS.

The image on the right shows a lifting lug under tension, impending failure.

Solution capabilities

ANSYS explicit dynamics products meet your needs in simulating short, high deformation, large strain, fracture or complete material failure applications.

The image on the left shows an automatic body-by-body meshing and contacts detection of a large cell phone assembly
for an explicit drop test analysis.

Explicit Dynamics
Explicit Dynamics

Metallic tube crush test

Explicit Dynamics

Simulation helps to identify and correct EMC/ EMI problems early in the development of innovative, next-generation vehicles


Explicit Dynamics

Physical problems involving severe loadings applied in a short period of time, (micro-seconds or milliseconds) are best simulated with explicit dynamics solutions

Superior CAD Interface and Robust Meshing

Bi-directional connectivity with all CAD systems is further enhanced with robust meshing support that produces line, surface and solid meshes well suited for explicit analysis. Many problems can take advantage of automatically generated mesh suitable for explicit dynamics

Auto Contact Detection for Parts

Surfaces are automatically detected and flagged for use with the contact algorithms for the explicit dynamic programs

Comprehensive Element Technology

Element formulations well suited for all problems are supported in 2-D and 3-D. Advanced element technology that avoids volume and shear locking

Extensive Library of Material Models

Engineering Data contains an Explicit Library with a comprehensive list of models ideally suited for explicit analysis

Advanced Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Dynamics

A comprehensive set of solution methods can be combined to most efficiently and accurately solve any problem

Advanced Post-Processing

An automatic report generation capability further reduces the effort required to review, present and report the results of simulations with explicit dynamics

Solution Customization, Open Architecture

Functionality of the products, the material models used, the data that is stored and other features can easily and conveniently be added by the user

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