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Safe & Secure Systems 

Dramatically decrease analysis efforts with the efficient application of quality, safety, reliability and cybersecurity analysis methods at the system, item, software, hardware and PCB levels.

Ansys safety & cybersecurity threat analysis software facilitates model-based safety analysis, safety concept creation, safety management and cybersecurity assessment for safety-critical electrical and electronic (E/E) and software (SW) controlled systems.
Using this software, engineers can deliver safe and secure products, reduce time to market, maximize profit margins and comply with standards like ISO 26262, IEC 61508, ARP 4754A/ARP 4761, ISO 21448 and ISO 21434.

Ansys Medini analyze 







Ansys implements key safety analysis methods in one integrated tool. It supports the efficient and consistent execution of the analysis activities that are required by safety standards.
• Key safety analysis methods, all in one integrated tool
• Meets standards like ISO 26262, IEC 61508, ARP4761 and MIL-STD 882E
• Safety analysis based on system design with all-time consistency
• Quality analysis according to SAE J1739, VDA-AIAG FMEA Handbook, etc.
• Complete end-to-end traceability
• Integrated with partner and 3rd party tools for requirements management and system design

Ansys Medini analyze for Semiconductors 








Ansys supports key safety analysis methods at various levels of a chip, ranging from IP Design of integrated components to SoCs and electronic boards.
• Key safety analysis methods, all in one integrated tool
• Analyze semiconductor designs within overall systems analysis
• Meets the semiconductor-specific ISO 26262: 2018 part 11
• Determine failure rates and analyze potential failure modes
• Mitigate the impact of design weaknesses on the day-to-day safe performance

Ansys Medini analyze for Cybersecurity







Ansys carries out a system-oriented cybersecurity analysis strategy to quickly identify vulnerabilities and design weaknesses and address them to mitigate any real-world threats.
• Key security analysis methods, all in one integrated tool
• Meets standards like SAE J3061, HEAVENS and ISO 21434
• Identify, assess and mitigate cybersecurity threats
• Analyze vulnerabilities of system components.
• Capture and manage cybersecurity requirements
• Support complete end-to-end traceability

Ansys Digital Safety Manager







By acting as a central hub for gathering data, managing resources, planning and automating many process steps, Ansys enables a comprehensive view of safety.
• Tool Guided Safety Planning
• Assisted Reuse of Results
• Easy One-Click Safety Case
• Task-Based Safety Plan Execution and Reviews
• KPI Monitoring and Reporting