Discovery Products

Discovery Products

The highly intuitive Discovery product line allows engineers to quickly explore design concepts and test critical design options, early in the design process

Discovery Space Claim

Discovery SpaceClaim is a 3D design tool that makes CAD modeling fast, easy and fun. Perfect for concept modeling or detailed design, it helps you create, edit or repair corrupt 3D models for any downstream use. Discovery SpaceClaim boosts productivity and fosters innovation.

Discovery SpaceClaim is available for trial

Discovery Live

This instant, interactive simulation environment allows engineers to explore their concepts and designs. Dramatically easier to use than other simulation tools, Discovery Live performs simulation in near real-time. Run your first analysis concurrently as you design. Interactively iterate and explore the impact of changes with immediate results updates.

Discovery Live is available for trial

Discovery AIM

Simulation tool with guided workflows, industry-leading accuracy, comprehensive physics and optimization capabilities for both early- and late-stage design exploration. All aspects of a simulation workflow — including electromagnetics, thermals, structures, fluids and multiphysics — are included in a single-window design.

Discovery AIM is available for trial

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