Ansys SpaceClaim

Ansys SpaceClaim’s unique user interface, modelling technology and versatile toolset help you create and modify imported geometry — without the complexity associated with traditional CAD systems. When working with existing CAD models, you can de-feature and simplify geometry with automated, easy-to-learn tools. Ansys SpaceClaim is ideal for engineers who don’t have time for heavy CAD tools but want and need to get 3D answers fast.

Reduce simulation prep time

Ansys SpaceClaim provides analysts with tools for accelerating geometry preparation for simulation. Whether de-featuring CAD models, extracting fluid domains or simplifying a model to beam and shell elements, Ansys SpaceClaim removes geometry bottlenecks freeing analysts to focus on their simulations. With control of the geometry, analysts can enable simulation-driven design, eliminate delays between design teams and analysts, and easily understand how design changes impact results.

ANSYS SpaceClaim for
Modeling and Simulation

Modeling Prep
for CFD

Modelling and
Structural Analysis