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Upfront Simulation

Upfront simulation helps you bring innovation to market faster and less expensively, as 80% of a product’s development cost is locked in the early design stage. Upfront simulation allows you to make informed decisions, reduce costly physical prototypes, and avoid unworkable designs down the road.

Design Engineering

ANSYS Discovery AIM provides intuitive, guided workflows, accurate simulation results and optimization in a complete simulation tool. 3-D concept models, or edit/repair of existing geometry is done using ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim. A single-window design combines all aspcts of simulation workflow, which could include electromagnetics, thermal, structures, or fluids or combinations. The best possible design is found by exploring the design space thoroughly using ANSYS Discovery AIM’s powerful parametric and optimization capabilities.

Customized Solutions

ANSYS Discovery AIM’s user interfaces can be customised to comply with your company’s standards for simulation, and create simulation templates for your unique industry applications. Training time and costs are reduced, since ANSYS Discovery AIM includes fluids, structures, thermal and electromagnetics simulation capabilities. thus engineers need to only learn one tool.

Case studies

Taking Off the Brakes to Product Development

Using ANSYS Discovvery AIM made moving from CAD-centric design to the world of high-fidelity simulation easy for designers at a leading automotive and marine supplier. Access to multiphysics tools has reduced costs, improved productivity and provided insights that were previously unavailable.