Acoustic Simulation (Ansys Sound)

Acoustics Simulation and Sound Design & Analysis

The sounds a product makes direct impact user experiences. Sounds create strong emotions — positively or negatively — that reinforce brand identity. The difficulty of predicting acoustic results means that a single engineering mistake can prove costly to the final product, making Ansys Acoustics Simulation a powerful solution to ensure optimal acoustics and a successful end product..

High Level Features

Ansys Acoustics Simulation helps optimize sound from the first steps of product development. By applying this acoustic modeling software, you can have best-in-class tools at the ready to deliver top-quality user experiences that blend optimal functionality with pristine acoustics. By predicting the acoustic effects of a given product configuration at the earliest stage of design, you maximize your acoustic benefits while minimizing time, costs and reworking. Test and validate the future soundscape of your product, such as electric vehicles, via simulation to ensure the desired acoustic experience.

Ansys Sound

Ansys Sound is a post-processing tool that enables noise to be analyzed and optimized with sound quality criteria and listening tests. Innovative time-frequency analysis and processing functions are available for isolating and modifying various sound components and assessing the influence of sounds on human perception. Ansys Sound can also reproduce the 3D sound in-simulator and in-vehicle, including tools to tune Active Sound for ICE or EVs.

  • Sound analysis and acoustic calculation
  • Sound quality with psychoacoustic criteria
  • Active sound design for EV and ICE engines
  • Listen to acoustic CAE Simulations
  • Sound perception through jury testing
  • 3D sound simulator