ANSYS is the global leader in engineering simulation

ANSYS: Today’s business environment is rife with competitive challenges, customer requirements and financial pressures. This combination of factors has resulted in the need to find new methods for engineering more innovative products and manufacturing processes – while minimizing costs and time to market. Virtually every industry now recognizes that a key strategy for success is to incorporate computer-based engineering simulation early in the development process, allowing engineers to refine and validate designs at a stage where the cost of making changes is minimal.

If you’ve ever seen a rocket launch, flown on an airplane, driven a car, used a computer, touched a mobile device, crossed a bridge, or put on wearable technology, chances are you’ve used a product where ANSYS software played a critical role in its creation.

ANSYS is the global leader in engineering simulation. ANSYS’s technology help the world’s most innovative companies deliver radically better products to their customers.

By offering the best and broadest portfolio of engineering simulation software, this partner helps them solve the most complex design challenges and engineer products limited only by imagination.

Founded in 1970, it employs nearly 3,000 professionals, many of whom are expert M.S. and Ph.D.-level engineers in finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, electronics, semiconductors, embedded software and design optimization

ANSYS is passionate about pushing the limits of world-class technology, all so customers can turn their design concepts into successful, innovative products faster and at a lower cost, The company has been recognized as one of the world’s most innovative and fastest-growing companies by prestigious organizations including BusinessWeek and FORTUNE magazines.

Over the years, steady growth and financial strength reflect their commitment to innovation and R&D. ANSYS reinvests 15 percent of revenues each year into research to continually refine the software and is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.