ThingWorx Industrial

ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity

Connects disparate automation devices and software applications

ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity powered by Kepware is the industry’s leading connectivity platform, providing a single source of industrial automation data across applications. Its platform design enables users to connect, manage, monitor, and control diverse automation devices and software applications through one intuitive user interface.

ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity leverages OPC and IT-centric communication protocols to provide a single source of industrial automation data to enterprise applications. With a library of 150+ device drivers, client drivers, and advanced plug-ins, ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity enables connectivity to thousands of devices and other data sources, providing visibility across the enterprise for improved decision making from the shop floor to the top floor.


Supports a variety of wired and wireless network mediums for Ethernet, serial, and proprietary network

Supports telemetry configurations with modem support, scheduling, and other advanced features

Rapid project deployment via automatic tag generation and device discovery

Configuration API for third-party server management

Simulation options for testing prior to deployment

Data conditioning and reduction, minimizing bandwidth and resource utilization

Multiple redundancy options, ensuring maximum uptime in critical environments

Load-balancing for throttling demand across the network

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) linking between homogenous and heterogeneous system

Streamlined UI that enables users to manage device connectivity with minimal effort

Robust security features for restricting access to the server, data source, and data values

Rich event logging and diagnostics for easy troubleshooting



KEPServerEX provides data access for client applications (such as MES and SCADA) and IoT and Big Data analytics software via OPC, proprietary protocols (including GE NIO, SuiteLink/FastDDE, and Splunk), IT protocols (including MQTT, REST, ODBC, and SNMP), and flow measurement export to common Oil & Gas industry formats.


KEPServerEX optimizes communications and reduces network and device load via data conditioning and reduction, customized load balancing, and protocol-specific optimization.


KEPServerEX simplifies the configuration of connected applications by providing a single point of entry to all information—eliminating the need to purchase, operate, troubleshoot, and maintain multiple disparate solutions for discrete connectivity.


KEPServerEX supports the broadest range of drivers available, including current and legacy devices across various verticals, a variety of wired and wireless network mediums, and connectivity to databases, custom software applications, and other OPC servers.


KEPServerEX includes a variety of tools that control user access to the server, data source, or data values, regulate read/write access, provide the ability to connect or disconnect client applications, and support the configuration of secure data tunnels.


KEPServerEX isolates device and application communications for troubleshooting, offering OPC diagnostics for real-time and historical views of OPC events. KEPServerEX also supports communications diagnostics to capture the protocol frames transferred between the server and any device.

ThingWorx Indsutrial Connectivity – KEPServer EX