ThingWorx Suite

ThingWorx Suite

The ThingWorx platform is field-proven to accelerate industrial innovation – including the rapid development of industrial IoT applications, AR experiences and more.   It includes technologies and tools that enable the industrial enterprise to quickly and easily develop, deploy and extend IoT apps and game-changing AR experiences. ThingWorx offers the flexibility to be deployed in a variety of ways and is supported by a vibrant partner ecosystem. ThingWorx combines the different components of the ThingWorx such as Studio, Utilities, Analytics and Kepware to provide a seamless approach.

ThingWorx Foundation

ThingWorx Foundation is the end-to-end platform that is specifically designed to harvest the power of IoT.

ThingWorx combines the different components of the ThingWorx such as Studio, Utilities, Analytics and Kepware to provide a seamless approach. It is a leading platform in the industry today and broadly offers the following capabilities:

  • Application Design: It boasts of ready to scale and high quality tools that help in creating applications, interactive dashboards, workspaces and mobile interfaces. The biggest advantage is that it requires minimal coding work.
  • Connectivity: It offers the flexibility to put in place the connectivity strategy that minimizes integration and maximizes the market opportunity.
  • Collaboration: it provides a platform that is accessible to both the developers as well as the analysts. This ensures that problems are solved much faster and feedback from the ground is incorporated quickly.
  • Security: ThingWorx puts special emphasis on creating secure solutions and ensures role based access to all the stakeholders.

ThingWorx Analytics

Analytics is the power behind every IoT solution. With the ability to capture real time data in huge volume, it is impossible for a human mind to understand and take relevant action.

ThingWorx Analytics uses modern analytical techniques and methods to uncover the true value of the data. It can watch and observe the pattern over the life of the system. It provides automated predictions of outcomes based on the real time data. It can also observe what factors lead to anomalies and thus in a way can prescribe relevant fixes to change the predicted outcome.

ThingWorx Studio

ThingWorx Studio brings together the power of IoT and Augmented reality. It leverage the present 3D infrastructure that many design companies already have and uses the IoT and AR to superimpose the models and real time performance KPI.

User can visualize the 3D data and can follow the step by step instructions to understand or fix any of the issues with the asset or processes.

ThingWorx Utilities

ThingWorx Utilities enables the users to monitor, manage and optimize the performance of their products.  It can be used to develop programs for various connected devices and can also link it to the various process workflows. It adds value to the enterprise as remote monitoring ensures reduction in periodic reviews and at the same time gives opportunity to act quickly in case of any anomaly.

Key Features:

  • Asset Management
  • Remote access and control
  • Modelling processes using the inbuilt drag and drop interface
  • Ready visibility of the results

ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity

ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity powered by Kepware is the industry’s leading connectivity platform, providing a single source of industrial automation data across applications. Its platform design enables users to connect, manage, monitor, and control diverse automation devices and software applications through one intuitive user interface.

ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity leverages OPC and IT-centric communication protocols to provide a single source of industrial automation data to enterprise applications. With a library of 150+ device drivers, client drivers, and advanced plug-ins, ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity enables connectivity to thousands of devices and other data sources, providing visiibility across the enterprise for improved decision making from the shop floor to the top floor