The Business Value of
Smart-Connected Products

The Business of Value of Smart-Connected Products

Wondering how you can maximise the value of your IoT strategy?

Maximise the value of your IoT strategy:

First, use the connected product maturity model to identify capabilities that make sense for your existing and future product portfolio.

Then, consult the connected product value curve model to locate and measure the cost and revenue benefits of those capabilities.

Connected Product Maturity Model

Charting IoT Innovation

Success in the IoT market is not just about connecting smart products to a network. Early-adopter manufacturers have adapted their business plans so that their products and services can support a continuum of new product capabilities.

Maturity Model Infographic

Identify the connected capabilities that complements your current offerings and recognise the requirements that are needed that can advance your products and give you a competitive advantage.

Maturity Model White Paper

Learn the in-depth profile of each capability level, including how to meet respective requirements and implement supporting services and business practices.

4 Must-Have IoT Capabilities for Manufacturers

You’ve already connected your products to the internet – now what? Find out how you, as a manufacturer, can boost your strategy around 4 critical capabilities.

Value Opportunity Infographic

You’ve taken the first step by connecting your products to the internet – now how can you create real business value from leveraging IoT?

This infographic groups value opportunities into four main areas of your business, and maps technical opportunities to specific business benefits.

Connected Product Value Curve

Building a ROI-Justified Business Plan

The connected product value curve takes the capabilities of the maturity model and maps them to specific cost and revenue benefits, including operational efficiencies and market innovations.

Value Curve Infographic

This infographic summarizes the cost and revenue benefits and references real world examples of companies that have employed connected capabilities with measurable results. 

Quantifying ROI for Connected Products White Paper

This white paper provides insight into how connected product capabilities translate into improved revenue, lower costs, better product quality, and more satisfied customers.