Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Predictive Maintenance, Intelligent Monitoring, Human Machine Interface, Data Tapping, Failure Prediction, Image Processing (Image Analytics), Artificial Intelligence, Control System, Sensor Network, Edge Computing, Edge Analytics, Digital Twin, Transmission, Command and Control, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Analytic Extension, Engineering Simulation, Augmented Reality, IoT Security

Our AI Expertise

To transform your business by leveraging the digital disruption from Internet of Thing and Artificial Intelligence, we offer you customized solution for your business, from development to full deployment

Data Analysis

Provide insights and discover underlying pattern of structured and unstructured data through plot visualization

Raw Data

Data cleansing, data integration, data transformation, data reduction and data discretization to produce quality data for quality analytics

ML Algorithms

Customization of algorithms based on your data in addition the algorithms provided by ThingWrox Analytics Platform

Android App

Revolutionize your business by creating IoT friendly Android app which developed to integrate with your IoT solution

Synthetic Data

Quality synthetic data that reflects real data ensures efficiency of machine learning algorithm and private data protection

Computer Vision Application

Automate the process of image data segmentation and recognition by extracting information to carry out prediction