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Internet of Things

In the last two decades internet has redefined the way we live, learn, and communicate.

Everything is getting more interconnected with analysts estimating up to 50 billion IoT-connected (Internet of Things) devices by 2020 with the potential to generate up to $11.1 trillion a year in global economic impact by 2025.

The way we work is being redefined.  As leading organisations move towards more efficient processing and automation of tasks, robotics and machines are increasingly IoT-connected, interacting with many other machines while exchanging data in real time, thus automating decision making by the entire system with minimal human input.

In order to keep up, organisations need to be ready to ride the tide or risk sinking.

What is IoT?

Internet of Things is the concept of connecting internet-enabled devices which can send information back to us, to other devices and to cloud-based applications. Having an IoT connected device allows you to remotely monitor and control it while even doing some data analytics and machine learning in the background.

These devices can range from consumer products such as mobile phones, air conditioners, lighting, wearable devices, coffee machines, to industrial components such as engines, manufacturing equipment, assembly lines.

IoT connectivity is an inevitable trend of the future, with many applications already being used such as smart cities, smart factories and manufacturing (Industry 4.0), wearables, building and home automation.


(Schneider Electric – PTC ThingWorx ThingX Technology & Augmented Reality)

  • Rich information database: Having access to more information allows for informed decision making which helps create better decisions.
  • Interconnectivity between devices: Better Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication can be scaled up with IoT, allowing for a large amount of automation and control that can be centralised. This reduces inefficiencies and improve quality, with a faster output.
  • Real-time monitoring: Being able to keep track of products and systems real-time allows for a bird’s-eye view of quality and viability. This is especially important in mission-critical applications where immediate preventive measures and time-to-solution is crucial.
  • Maximise time and improve efficiency: As a result of the previous examples, a lot of time is saved through the different applications of IoT.
  • Optimize and save costs: The most important benefit of IoT – optimization and cost reduction. With interconnected devices that speak to each other effectively, coupled with the ability to make informed decisions easily and earlier, workflows can be optimized, thereby conserving resources and reducing costs.

In summary, IoT connects the dots between the series of activities in an organization, breaking down constraints that prevent systems from being more efficient, more responsive and agile. IoT is the tool that makes companies smart.

The Business Value of Smart Connected Products

Wondering how you can maximise the value of your IoT strategy?

Use the connected product maturity model to identify capabilities that make sense for your existing and future product portfolio. Then consult the connected product value curve model to locate and measure the cost and revenue benefits of those capabilities.

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The Business Case for Industrial IoT (IIoT)

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