Webinar [2 Mar] Health monitoring device using ANSYS HFSS Electronics Solution

Join this webinar to explore how to use ANSYS electromagnetic tools to design smart devices for healthcare monitoring systems. In this webinar, we will show you how tools such as HFSS and SIWave can be used to design robust electronics like smartwatches.
The design workflow consists of geometry construction via ANSYS SpaceClaim, antenna design via HFSS, SIWave for signal and power integrity analysis, Icepack for thermal simulation, and impact simulation. In addition, we will showcase the use of SBR+ technology to model patient tracking monitoring systems with millimeter-wave radar. With micro-Doppler simulation, it enables the detection of an object’s individual moving parts which will be used for object classification.
On the other hand, the wide and fast-growing application of wireless devices (hand-held, wearable, and implantable devices) yields to a lot of concerns about their safety standards related to electromagnetic radiation effects on the human body. Therefore, we will also look at how to utilize ANSYS HFSS to help us investigate the effects of EM radiation on the human body.
Title: Health monitoring device using ANSYS HFSS Electronics Solution
Date: Wednesday, 2 March 2022
Time: 3.00-4.00pm (SG/ MY Time) / 2.00-3.00pm (TH/ ID Time)
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