Introducing Onyx ESD – New Material

Onyx ESD is a static-dissipative version of Onyx, our popular micro carbon fiber filled nylon material that is used by customers to manufacture everything from prototypes, to tooling, to end-use parts. The addition of a precisely controlled quantity of conductive filler results in Onyx ESD meeting a tight surface resistance range that enables it to be used for a broad set of ESD sensitive applications. Onyx ESD can serve the full range of applications as a standalone material or — when maximum strength or stiffness is desired — reinforced with continuous fiber.

Nearly every electronic product you use on a daily basis was built in an ESD-safe environment using ESD-safe tooling. Onyx ESD enables manufacturers to print this tooling on-demand using Markforged Industrial 3D printers, reducing costs and lead time versus traditional processes, while at the same time reducing inventory. And for large enterprises, these parts can be digitally distributed across a global fleet, allowing for rapid response to changing production demands at the speed of software.

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