Rice distribution

Rice distribution in Kien Svay Knong Village

Kien Svay Knong is a village about 15 to 20 minutes from Cambodia Care Center. There is a new community of 57 families, many old, youth and children. They were deported from a land dispute area in Phnom Penh. There are also many people who used to live in Doeum Sleng village where CCC located. They are all very poor people; recycle collectors, construction workers and factory workers. This covid-19 season has put a strain on their family economy. They go out to find recycle, but not much, because this season many shops and places are closed.

With God’s love for the poor, we distributed rice to all 57 families this month, each receiving 20 kilograms. Receiving this gift, they were all very happy because the rice would help ease their burden.

On behalf of all of them, we would like to thank all the donors who donated money to buy rice for all 57 families.

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