[Free Webinars] Powering Your Optical Design and Simulation with ANSYS SPEOS

Join us for this free webinar to experience ANSYS SPEOS capabilities, benefits, its applications and learn how SPEOS can help you design new lighting systems with the highest quality and efficiency, satisfying the needs of the market and using eco-friendly products.

Friday, 22 May 2020, at 2.30 – 3.30 pm (SGT)



Ansys SPEOS is a photometric and radiometric simulation software that helps you simulate light interaction between light sources and materials. SPEOS combines lighting performance modeling with extensive, dedicated libraries and optimization capabilities. It is a perfect tool for designing, validating, and optimizing the performance of automotive lighting systems, aerospace and deference optic systems, optical sensors test for AV/ADAS, and general lightings.


Who should attend?
Optical engineer / designer
AV/ADAS Engineer
Mechanical Engineer


Webinar Agenda
SPEOS capabilities walkthrough
Simulation workflow
Coupled simulation with FEA/CFD
Optical part design

Application example

  • General lighting
  • Human vision
  • HUD
  • Headlamp design
  • AV, ADAS



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