Webinar-Manufacturing in a Crisis: Ramping Up Critical Equipment with 3D Printing

Tuesday, April 28, 2020
11 am SGT


During COVID-19, there is a ton of hype on what if we could 3D print entire ventilators. Cutting past the hype, join us for a discussion with the medical equipment manufacturer, Micro-X, who is using 3D printing to respond to production demands on short notice (and not in the way you might think). Markforged customer Micro-X manufactures a wide range of portable x-ray equipment and needs to ramp up production during a period of disrupted supply chains.

Join us for this LIVE webinar and Q&A to learn:

  • How Australian manufacturer Micro-X uses 3D printing to ramp up production during COVID-19
  • Where Micro-X identified high ROI opportunities (both monetary and skilled labor) for 3D printing functional prototypes and end-use parts
  • Future products and how Micro-X sees Markforged in their overall vision

We’ll leave time for Q&A, so bring your questions!


Featured Speakers:

  • John Gregory – Senior Mechanical Engineer, Micro-X
  • Anthony Rosengren – Applications Engineering, Markforged Australia
  • Richard Elving – Director, Markforged APAC
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