ANSYS 19.1 Delivers the First Comprehensive Solution for Simulation-Based Digital Twins

ANSYS 19.1

Pervasive Engineering Simulation

Simulation has matured from a technology used by a few engineers to an essential tool that is a must for every engineer. As automobiles learn to drive themselves, adding simulated miles driven to actual road testing is the only way to ensure that our roads will be safer. Simulating the build of a metal part by additive manufacturing is similarly the only way to make sure the part will be strong and reliable, suitable for its intended task. When the only way is also the fastest and least expensive way to overcome a design, manufacturing or operations challenge, everyone wins.

ANSYS 19.1 is the latest step in our continuing effort to improve simulation so it can tame the complexity of our interconnected world. In every area of physics, we are striving to provide a comprehensive solution to your engineering challenges so you don’t have to go outside ANSYS to complete a project. That means we are constantly studying new developments in all areas of technology to produce simulation solutions for innovations in engineering. ANSYS 19.1 contains advances in the simulation of structures, fluids, electromagnetics, semiconductors, systems and certified software that improve reliability, performance, speed and user experience. So pervasive engineering simulation — often the only and best solution — keeps getting better.

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