ANSYS AIM 16.1 Review

Don’t be fooled by the release number – Ansys AIM 16.1 is a brand new, next generation mainstream simulation tool. Al Dean is impressed by its new take on solving the challenges of multiphysics simulation and bringing it to a wider audience.

Vendors in the analysis and simulation market have been calling multiphysics the ‘next big thing’ for some time now — and from a theoretical standpoint, that makes sense. Why wouldn’t you want to simulate structural, thermal and fluid interactions in a single system?


After running a template, you’re guided through the simulation process (as shown in the workflow panel at the bottom of the UI).


Real-life products, after all, are subject to stresses exerted on them by multiple different physics models.

The issue has been that, for each of the key physics models, dramatically different approaches are required. That’s why you have FEA systems for structural analysis and CFD systems for simulating fluid and thermal effects.

This has been compounded by the fact that vendors have typically focused on a single area of physics — or at least they did until relatively recently.

In the last few years, however, we’ve seen the consolidation of the simulation industry, as vendors have branched out into new areas.

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