ANSYS 16.1 Analysis Portfolio and ANSYS Enterprise Cloud Elected Editor’s Pick of the week by Desktop Engineering

DUBLIN, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA — Desktop Engineering ( announces that version 16.1 of the ANSYS portfolio of engineering simulation solutions and the new ANSYS Enterprise Cloud solution for enterprise simulation from ANSYS Inc. (Canonsburg, PA), is its Editor’s Pick of the Week for May 13, 2015.

“ANSYS Enterprise Cloud makes available the entire ANSYS application suite,” writes Anthony J. Lockwood, editor at large for Desktop Engineering. “It’s supported by Amazon Web Services, which should simplify and speed up your transition to cloud-based simulation. And it is engineered to give you consistent, enterprise-specific simulation workflows and data to more engineers wherever they are located.”

“ANSYS Enterprise Cloud supports end-to-end simulation workflows, including pre-processing and 3D graphical post-processing,” says Lockwood. “That means you waste minimal time transferring files like you do with a batch cloud solution. You access it as a single-tenant environment, which further helps secure your data.”

“ANSYS Enterprise Cloud can also be customized for your unique simulation processes,” adds Lockwood. “It supports both ANSYS and non-ANSYS applications. And ANSYS says that you can deploy to ANSYS Enterprise Cloud within days.”

“Still, the most important aspect of ANSYS Enterprise Cloud is that more of your colleagues gain access to the ANSYS analysis software suite and the hardware they need to run it without investing more in storage and CPUs that never seem enough,” Lockwood concludes. “That is good stuff.”

Read the full Editor’s Pick of the Week at “Cloud Simulation Gets Real.”

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