Amplifying Engineering – ANSYS 14.0 Update Seminar in Singapore

On the morning of 20th March 2012, CAD-IT Consultants organised a half-day complimentary seminar for existing, as well as prospective, users of ANSYS to announce and share updates on the latest 14.0 version release of the software. The event was extremely well-attended, and participants were treated to an early surprise when CAD-IT CEO Mr Terence Chan graced the event to deliver his welcome address despite a punishing travelling schedule just the night before.

CAD-IT CEO Mr Terence Chan delivering his insightful Opening Address

The capacity crowd listening intently

By popular demand, many delegates have specifically requested for Mr Chan’s insightful Powerpoint presentation to be made available for sharing. You may email us at for a copy of the opening address slides.

Aptly themed “Amplifying Engineering”, this update seminar aimed to instill the engineering notion that as companies are increasingly looking for new and better ways to leverage their existing engineering resources, engineers need to know that they are most effective when they concentrate on making engineering decisions rather than performing manual and tedious software operations.


CAD-IT’s Application Engineer Mr Jaiganesh Vellore sharing new Structural Mechanics features in ANSYS 14.0

Chief CFD expert Dr Ma Shengwei giving a presentation on ANSYS HPC

During the seminar, participants found out exactly how ANSYS 14.0 has further automated many user-intensive operations, which helps product developers minimise time spent setting up their problems, through a series of update presentations done on Structural Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, ANSYS HPC solutions and Engineering Knowledge Manager (EKM). During the break, participants were also treated to hands-on demonstrations of the new features of ANSYS 14.0, as well as opportunities to find out about EKM and HPC in further detail.


Delegates finding out more about ANSYS’ latest features during tea break

Delegates’ group photograph for the record books

Amplifying Engineering requires a fundamental mindset shift – that success in today’s engineering world is no longer just about efficiency, but about creativity, innovation and thinking out of the box. Amplifying engineering is about allowing many more engineers to do more each, by properly using the adequate virtual environment for their work. In other words, it’s about everyone doing more, either individually or as a team. It is about enabling collaboration between users and decision-makers within the organisation for a true systems-level solution – the ANSYS solution.

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